Kodak Scanza Digital Film Scanner


Shooting film is magnificent. Shooting film can be boundlessly fulfilling. In any case, regardless of how fun film is to shoot, there are a few tradeoffs in the comfort office. We need to recognize that we live in an advanced world. A great many people need an approach to get their simple pictures into an advanced configuration.

This normally implies either checking the film with a flatbed scanner or having a lab deal with examining when they build up the film. For the easygoing client, filtering at home isn’t proficient. With the Scanza, Kodak may simply have the appropriate response. Peruse on!

What Is It?

The Kodak Scanza is a mini, self-contained film scanner that can be utilized to filter a few little configurations of film. It’s fit for taking care of 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8, and 8mm film sizes. Sounds extraordinary, however what isolates this little person from its flatbed cousins? Speed and accommodation. Seeing and recording of the sweep is practically moment! Need to investigate a negative? Just put a segment of film in the transporter (with or without a connector, contingent upon the film size), and the see springs up. From here, you can without much of a stretch do essential acclimations to the picture including shading rectification and splendor. At the point when you’re prepared, hit the catch and you can spare the picture to a SD card or legitimately to a PC by means of USB. Truth is stranger than fiction, you don’t require a PC!

The Process

Here’s the lowdown on the workflow. For my review, I used 35mm film, as I don’t shoot the other formats. However, the process would be much the same except for the use of different adapters or carrier.

Select a strip of film.
Blow off the dust from the film using a rocket blower or similar device. When scanning film by any means, dust is the enemy. Wear gloves so you won’t have to worry about fingerprints from your grubby, pizza-stained hands.
Open the carrier and feed the strip of film through the slot at the end, shiny side up. Close the carrier.
Press the power button on the Scanza.
Select your film type and save. You can do this before or after the film is inserted.
Insert film.
Gaze at the glory of your wonderful image on the 3.5″ LCD Screen or output to your TV.
Feed the film back and forth to select various images.
Make adjustments.
Scan to SD or Computer.
And you are done

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