How to Fix Realtek Digital Output Has No Sound


How to Fix Realtek Digital Output Has No Sound

Are you having a problem with the Realtek Digital no sound output?

No need for stress, in this post I will discuss this issue and how to fix it in a few different ways.

One of the most indispensable segments in a computer is the audio, through which you can play your main tunes, watch motion pictures, and get alarms about new notifications. You should consistently have it introduced enough with its right drivers to have the option to replicate sounds from your computer.

In this audio world, Realtek Digital is one of the most well-known and utilized today on account of its adaptability, similarity, and execution in different working frameworks.

You can discover this driver introduced on pretty much every computer that utilizes a home theater or Smart television, and when you have issues like the no sound issue, you can’t make the most of your music or recordings.

Fortunately on the accompanying lines, I will show you the absolute best arrangements that have been accounted for from a few clients that can fix this issue rapidly.

realtek digital output no sound

Method #1: Set as Default

Like I said toward the start of this post, the Realtek Digital Output is required when you have associated your computer to some HDMI gadgets like a Smart TV or Home Theater.

In the event that you have a standard screen and outside speakers on your PC, there is no compelling reason to utilize the Realtek Digital Output; thusly, you can transform it for your speakers following these means on Windows 10.

In the taskbar, you can discover the Speakers symbol, right-click on it and select the choice Open Sound settings

open sound settings windows 10

You will open the Settings utility, there look down and click on the catch Sound Control Panel

sound control board

Now, you will open another window, and you should be in the Playback tab. There you have to discover your speakers on the rundown and right-click on it, at that point select in the menu Set as Default

set earphones as default

Test your speakers and confirm in the event that they are working, and the sound issue has been fixed. You can attempt with different speakers on the rundown in the event that you numerous choices.

Method #2: Reinstall Audio Drivers

Haven’t you had the option to fix your sound issues in Realtek Digital Output? Indeed, there are different things that you can attempt, such as reinstalling the audio drivers.

Windows 10, of course, introduce some audio drivers on your computer, and there should be working without issues. However, sometimes, these drivers get corrupted, and that could be the reason for this sounds issue.

To reinstall your audio drivers, follow these basic advances:

Press the keys Win + X simultaneously to open the relevant menu and there click on the choice Device Manager

open gadget supervisor

Once there, explore to the part Sound, video and game regulators

In that part, you have to right-tap on the regulator Realtek High Definition Audio, at that point in the menu click on Uninstall gadget

uninstall high audio definition gadget

Now, restart your computer and let Windows reinstall your drivers consequently in the following startup

Method #3: Update Realtek Digital Output Drivers

Your computer to have the option to play your music and sounds need some individual drivers that are introduced consequently by Windows.

By and large, you will no compelling reason to update this driver, however in the event that you actually have no sound issues, you should update those drivers physically.

That cycle could be somewhat more and could set aside you some effort to locate the correct drivers, however I have uplifting news for you; there is an easy method to update your Realtek Digital Output drivers.

You can follow these means to play out this cycle:

Download this program called Driver Booster

Once download, you can introduce it by double tapping on the document and adhering to the wizard guidelines

At the point when the program completes the establishment cycle, you have to tap on the catch SCAN

scan driver booster

This catch will begin the scanning cycle, and it will scan updates for your Realtek Digital Output gadget. When it discovers something, you will introduce the drivers by tapping on the catch Update Now

update now driver booster

Now, you will just need to stand by until the program completes the updating cycle

Method #4: Run Playing Audio Troubleshooter

You have followed all the means that I show you up until now, yet at the same time has no sound on your Realtek Digital Output gadget, you can attempt to run the troubleshooter.

This troubleshooter will look on your computer for audio issues, and afterward it will fix them naturally. You can utilize this utility, following these means:

Open the Settings utility utilizing the console alternate route Win + I

Now, click on the segment Update and Security

On the left side menu, click on Troubleshoot

At that point, on the right, open the part Playing Audio, click on the catch Run the troubleshooter

playing audio troubleshooter

This utility will begin to look consequently for any issue in the Realtek Digital Output gadget and afterward will fix it naturally

Wrapping Up

I expectation that these methods help you to fix this issue effectively and have the option to play your #1 music and recordings without issues on your PC.

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