Digital Crown To Unlock And Eject Water


How do I turn on digital crown to unlock and eject water?

Using Water Lock

Press the Digital Crown and the side button at the sametime (which stops the exercise).

Turn the Digital Crown, which unlocks the screenand clears any water from inside the watch’s speaker (it maymake a sound).

Swipe right and tap on End.

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Beside this, I don’t get it’s meaning when your Apple Watch says turn digital crown to unlock and eject water?

To turn off Water Lock on your AppleWatch, which is the thing that you are describing, keepturning the Digital Crown (the round button) untilthe water bead fills the circle and your AppleWatch states Unlocked (you may likewise hear thespeaker make sounds). About Apple Watch water resistance – Apple Support.

Beside above, what does turn digital crown mean? The Digital Crown is Apple’s response to thecrown found on mechanical watches. Historically, thecrown is utilized to set the date and time on a wristwatch, andto wind the mainspring to keep the watch running. AppleWatch clients can press the Digital Crown to returnto the Home screen, much like the home button oniPhone.

Beside above, how do you get the digital crown to unlock water?

Question: Q: Turn Digital Crown to Unlock andEject Water To turn off Water Lock, keepturning the Digital Crown (the round button) untilyour watch confirms that your watch has been unlocked.Turn it all the more quickly, so the water bead fillsthe circle and your Apple Watch statesUnlocked.

What is Apple Watch water lock?

At the point when you start a swimming exercise, your AppleWatch automatically locks the screen with WaterLock to avoid accidental taps. At the point when you’re done, turn theDigital Crown to unlock the screen and clear anywater from your Apple Watch. You hear sounds and mayfeel some water on your wrist.

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