Digital TV Tuner Device Registration App


What’s a Digital TV tuner device registration app?

For all the ones who don’t, a digital TV tuner device registration application is just a scheduled task that’s part of the Windows Media Center. It permits you to look at premium digital cable stations from the cable provider directly from the PC.

The program consistently runs at the background, always scanning your computer for TV tuners which might have already been attached. The one issue with this sort of programs will be they will have a terrible habit of slowing a PC.

Additionally it’s a brief history to be found by several 3RDPARTY anti virus suites to be an app that slows down the system. Avast, McAfee, along with Node32 are typical security suites which can be supported to indicate which the electronic TV Tuner Device is slowing the computer down. This difficulty isn’t exclusive to a specific Windows variant, because it’s reported that occurs on Windows-7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Due to this, it would be advisable if you’d eliminate this, and activate the television Tuner once you absolutely should make use of it.

The program itself doesn’t pose any kind of security hazard, however also the operation deterrent it attracts over compensates its own usefulness.

  1. Should i eliminate the Digital TV tuner device registration app?
    Ordinarily, ehPrivJob.exe won’t utilize enough system tools (while idle) that you bother finding ways to get rid of it. But, there are particular scenarios where the ehPrivJob executable becomes glitched and can be running at full rate even if the computer isn’t doing some other television pruning errands.

1. To be sure of the performance of your device Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc
This can start the Task Manager

2. Proceed to the Processes tab
3. In case you Find a procedure called ehprivjob.exe consuming a lot CPU, then That’s that the Digital TV tuner device enrollment program
The operation problems aren’t universally correct. You need to only get rid of the program if you find it consuming an excessive amount of CPU.

  1. How can I remove a Digital TV tuner device registration app?


  1. Press Windows + R
    This can start the Run dialogue box
  1. Type-in appwiz.cpl, and hit Input
  2. Click on Turn Windows features on or off
  3. Expand the dropdown menu associated with Media Features
  4. Remove the checkpoints next to Windows Media Player and Media Features
  5. Click Yes to confirm your action
  6. Click OK to make the changes take effect

By following these steps, you should finally have disabled the electronic television recorder device enrollment program from booting again. But, keep be aware that the app is now not running, you’ll want to trigger your television Tuner yourself once you wish to make use of it.

Luckily, this can be only a minor inconvenience in comparison to the performance problems you needed once the Digital television recorder device enrollment program has been running in the backdrop.

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