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What mouse does tfue use?

Each processional PC gamer in the eSports scene consistently plays with the best devices close by, and Tfue is no exception in such manner. He keeps on overwhelming the Fortnite multiplayer scene alongside any semblance of Bugha, Cloak, Daequan, and Myth. A Florida local, he works on Twitch, Youtube and Twitter. Before his transient ascent in the Fortnite establishment, he played often in different shooters, for example, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Halo. Today we’ll be going over what mouse he used during his eSports vocation that makes him a risky player on the web.

Tfue’s Gaming Mice

1. Razer Viper Ultralight – Tfue’s Current Mouse

Tfue currently utilizes the Razer Viper Ultralight Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse and he utilizes the wired form.

Razer overwhelms the peripherals market with its gaming gadgets, and the Viper Ultimate is no exception. The Viper Ultimate additionally has a remote form that accompanies a separable USB link and docking port that powers it.

At the point when you download Razer’s Synapse programming, it permits you to alter various parts of the mouse to your own inclinations. Not exclusively can the lighting and fastens be changed, yet the affectability can be changed too, which is valuable in case you’re utilizing various mousepads.

It likewise has a matte completion continued from previous plans, where you leave no fingerprints even after consistent use. It’s an astounding mouse to have. It’s 69 grams, making it one of the lightest esports gaming mouse for simple development. It has two catches on each side of the mouse and another sensor incorporated with it. The notorious Razer Chroma logo furnishes RGB lighting that comes standard with their mouse lines.

Another critical element of the mouse is its HyperSpeed Technology. HyperSpeed Tech isn’t only an extravagant term about the mouse’s speed (seeing you, Star Wars fans).

It’s nothing unexpected that Tfue used this mouse during his time in the eSports scene, as it is a profoundly responsive mouse that helped him overwhelm in Fortnite.

Razer’s exclusive optical mouse switches are implicit under the mouse catches, which rate at 70 million ticks each. Each time that you click on the mouse fastens, the sign contribution to-yield reaction time is 0.2 milliseconds, which is pretty nuts. Normally high-level mice as a rule hit the lower 990 Hz recurrence, however the Viper Ultimate stretches the limits further accepting players to the extent 998 or 999 Hz.

2. Finalmouse x Ninja Air58 Cherry Blossom Variant – Tfue’s Main Mouse

The Ninja Air58 is Tfue’s new main mouse. This line dispatched in 2018 when Finalmouse cooperated up with supportive of Fortnite player Ninja to help dispatch the Air58. Notwithstanding its fairly slanted mission, the mouse itself is effective. Tfue quickly demos the utilization of his new main mouse through his Twitch Stream which can be seen here.

The snaps on the mouse are additionally fresh, putting it comparable to other mice like the Logitech G703. You’ll see on the mouse wheel that it has Japanese haiku inserted on it. This is simply because of Ninja’s name and has literally nothing to do with Japan. While it isn’t fundamental for activity, it adds a pleasant imaginative touch to the Air58. Concerning the wheel itself, it turns out great. It’s not the tautest one that we’ve ever observed, as it could utilize some extra thickness as it feels just marginally free.

Contrasted with other mice that are available, the Air58 has numerous hexagonal-formed holes everywhere on the mouse, which adds to its lightweight. The assemble nature of the mouse is additionally strong, so you don’t need to stress over it breaking inwards on the off chance that you clutch it excessively hard. Even after rehashed use, there is no indication of soil and grime because of its matte completion. The outside of the mouse makes it agreeable to utilize.

Underneath the mouse wheel is a DPI button that permits you to change DPI settings in time frames. They range from 400 DPI to a maximum of 3,200 DPI. These are preset into the mouse, and there is no official programming that you can download that can alter its activity. Informally, you can download the Dream Machines’ DM1 Pro S to calibrate the Air58’s affectability.

One thing you have to recollect is to get fluids far from the mouse. A container of Monster or some espresso can sear the gadget’s hardware since it has countless holes on top of it. Tfue likely used this mouse because of its lightweight and fresh reactions. As apparent in the previously referenced Twitch stream, his Fortnite player symbol moved quickly without anybody in any event, seeing that he had a pristine mouse.

The paracord is released somewhat on the mouse, adding to the Air58’s lightweight feel. The daintiness of the paracord joined with the mouse itself causes it to feel like you’re utilizing a remote mouse while you’re gaming. It brings about the ideal result for the individuals who have medium-sized hands. Some of you may lean toward utilizing mice that have some extra weight to them to help consistent your point in a shooter, so if the Air58’s weight isn’t your thing, that is fine.

3. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – Tfue’s Previous Mouse

Logitech fabricates mice and is positions close by Razer with regards to quality. The G502 Proteus is a strong gadget that moves the cursor absolutely where you need it to be. The Proteus Spectrum is a slight redesign from the first G502 Proteus, where it accompanies another blue stripe along the thumb rest of the mouse while maintaining the center plan of the previous cycle of the mouse.

The mouse’s DPI can likewise be adjusted to give it a higher (or lower) level of affectability. The mouse link accompanies a Velcro tie with the goal that you can move it up and shield it from tangling your gadget.

The Proteus Spectrum has 11 programmable switches everywhere on the mouse, which give you flexibility on how you need to utilize your controls. The two Omron switches worked inside the mouse catches are appraised at 20 million ticks each. In addition, it is furnished with a serious optical sensor at the base of the mouse, giving it extreme responsiveness regardless of which part of the screen you are pointing at.

Proteus Spectrum has 2 LED markers; one being the Logitech logo mounted on the front essence of the mouse, with the triple-light pointer arranged next to one side mouse button. Lefties be careful, while the mouse is ergonomic in its plan, it isn’t ambidextrous and made for clients who work the mouse with their correct hand. While not seen regularly, Tfue used this mouse since it is agreeable and can be smart in its reactions when required.

When taking a gander at the lower part of the mouse, you’ll notice it has a separable cover where you can fit in loads at the base of the mouse. These fittings are intended for loads with the goal that you’ll have the option to put them as per their particular example. You can change them as needs be founded on your solace level. A few players lean toward heavier loads to assist them with steadying their point, which is extremely required with regards to first-individual shooters.


Mice brands are not restricted to Razer, Logitech or Finalmouse. Since there are so numerous to look over, players, for example, yourself will have their inclinations on what peripherals to pick as a feature of their gaming hobby/vocation. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Tfue isn’t just one of the most generally perceived eSports experts inside the Fortnite establishment, however he is likewise an extremely versatile player that picks his mouse astutely.

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