Western Digital My Passport Ultra


Western Digital My Passport Ultra


With a minimized plan, high limit, and your decision of nearby or cloud reinforcement, My Passport Ultra fits consummately into the bustling existence of anybody with an in a hurry advanced life.

Super fast transfer rates—

At the point when associated with a USB 3.0 port, your My Passport Ultra drive allows you to access and spare documents with blasting pace. Lessen move time by up to multiple times when contrasted with USB 2.0 exchange time.*

*Performance may differ dependent on your hardware and system configuration.

Automatic, scheduled backup software—

The WD Backup™ programming works discreetly out of sight to help secure your information utilizing insignificant PC assets. Set the reinforcement timetable to naturally back up your records whenever, on quickly, week, or month.

Local and cloud backup—

Pick where you back up your records. Back up documents to your My Passport Ultra drive or back up records to the cloud utilizing Dropbox™

Works extremely well with Windows® 8

The WD application for Windows 8 makes it simple to find the advanced media put away on your My Passport Ultra drive with your Windows 8 PC. Your substance is naturally shown and coordinated so you can undoubtedly find and make the most of your photographs, recordings, and music

Super smooth design with high capacity—

This super smooth drive is flimsy and quick with a lot of limit with regards to your significant computerized content.

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility—

With this single drive you get similarity with the most recent USB 3.0 gadgets and in reverse similarity with USB 2.0 gadgets also.

WD Drive Utilities™ software—

Register your drive, set the drive rest clock, run diagnostics, and all the more utilizing the WD Drive Utilities programming.

WD Security™software—

Set secret key insurance and equipment encryption for your drive to help shield your records from unapproved use or access.

Durable enclosure protects the drive inside—

We realize your information is imperative to you. So we fabricate the drive inside to our requesting necessities for solidness, stun resistance, and long haul unwavering quality. At that point, we secure the drive with a tough nook intended for magnificence.


Controlled straightforwardly from the USB port on your PC. No different Power flexibly is required.

I can store five terabytes in my shirt pocket with Western Digital’s My Passport convenient drive.

The most recent cycle of My Passport as delivered in September a year ago, and its ongoing dispatch in India incited us to investigate.

My Passport is a positively limit whopper, and is accessible in 2TB and 5TB base configurations, with two or four platters. The 5TB drive can utilize 4 x 1TB base platters on the grounds that sends shingling – utilizing covering compose tracks to pack more peruse tracks in the drive.

My Passport drive Windows colours

Power gets through a USB port: USB-C for Macs, and USB 3.2 Gen 1 for Windows. There is 256-cycle AES encryption and inherent secret word security.

The gadget has a SATA interface, turns at 5,400rpm, and the genuine limits accessible are 1TB, 2 TB, 4TB and 5TB, utilizing 1TB platters.

The drive measurements are;

1-2TB – Length:107.2mm, Width: 75mm, Height: 11.15mm, Weight: 120g

4-5TB – Length:107.2mm, Width: 75mm, Height: 19.15mm, Weight: 210

The 4TB and 5TB drive’s additional thickness and close to multiplied weight mirrors the two additional platters inside. The case is part-slantingly ribbed and accessible in blue for Mac and dark, red and an alternate blue for Windows.


The 5TB drive, professed to be the most slender such drive accessible, utilizes drive-oversaw shingling. This eases back the information modify measure as squares of tracks must be perused, the information adjusted, and afterward the square re-kept in touch with the drive. New information writes to discharge tracks continue as typical.

Huge consecutive records are acknowledged by the drive and composed with no interference. More modest arbitrarily tended to documents are put away incidentally in a reserve and afterward, when the drive is inactive, worked out in a consecutive way, with address interpretation to speed the creative cycle.

WD’s Discovery programming gives the board capacities, and empowers the drive, with included Backup utility, to reinforcement have framework documents on a settable timetable. It can likewise reinforcement Facebook, Dropbox and Google Drive (cloud) account information, for example, photographs, recordings, music and reports. Information is moved to and from the drive at up to 5Gbit/s. Practically speaking that implies, , 100 to 115MB/sec when perusing enormous consecutive documents.

Composing such records over erased documents will be more slow due to the shingled media impact. At the end of the day, the 5TB drive will appear more slow as it tops off and documents get erased to make space for fresher ones. The 4TB drive ought not experience the ill effects of this impact.


My Passport is justified for a very long time. A 5TB model expenses $125.99 on Amazon; £112.99 in the UK from Scan. The 1TB model is $47.00 (£46.05.)

This evaluating makes them moderate for work area, journal and low-force gaming frameworks. Extreme focus gamers will improve outer SSD stockpiling. Most of us can appreciate 5TB limit with regards to $0.026/GB. Modest as chips.

Be that as it may, 5TB of somewhat quicker (5,526rpm) turning Seagate Backup Plus Portable outside stockpiling, which is shingled also, costs $109.99 (£98.66) on Amazon; less expensive still.

My Passport versus My Passport Ultra

WD likewise sells the My Passport Ultra drive. What’s the distinction? A WD representative stated: “The My Passport drives are the most ideal decision for most ordinary buyers. The 5TB My Passport drive is really the slimmest of its ability in the WD arrangement. For those searching for a more superior convenient hard drive, the My Passport Ultra highlights an advanced metal plan and USB-C innovation out of the case. The two drives offer a three-year restricted guarantee and WD Discovery programming (counting online media and cloud bringing in, WD Backup and 256-bit AES equipment encryption).”

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